Following Up with Students

We care about our students – even after they leave us!  Please take one minute to respond to the following questions about where you are now.

Not only do we care about following up with you, and our future funding depends on your responses, so please make sure to answer these questions as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you!

We know from experience that after students leave our program, we often never hear from them.  It is a never-ending game of phone tag just to receive a few responses from former students.

Putting those vital follow-up questions in this user-friendly texting format, where students are only a few clicks from completing it, makes students much more likely to follow through and answer the questions that are so vital to our programming.

Our system automatically takes out those who respond and sends a follow up series to students who have not yet responded, saving valuable staff hours and gleaning better follow-up results!


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