Intake Form

One of the first steps our students take is to fill out our registration form.  

Please tell us more about yourself in the form below.  The information provided can help us to match you with great resources that can help you along your journey.  

As always with us, your answers will be kept completely confidential.

The intake form can be challenging, especially for lower level students or new English learners.  The result is often incomplete, inaccurate, or unsigned forms.  Here is how ConnectAble solves those issues:

  1. We make the intake form itself fully translatable so that the student can experience it in his/her native language. (Try it by choosing a language from the menu dropdown).
  2. We break the form into manageable sections.
  3. We use smart logic in our forms, giving the students questions based on their previous answers.
  4. We require that all fields be completed, including the electronic signature, before the form can be submitted.

This is a sample form. Feel free to complete it if you would like.

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