Testing Appointment

Watch the video below to learn about how our placement testing works.  This test is just your starting point, so no matter what you score, we will be with you every step of the way!
Watch the video below to learn more about what to expect during your test, then complete the form below it to make your testing appointment.  
We can’t wait to meet you!

Students will receive a brief explanation in a short video about the why behind testing, how adult ed testing is different from other testing they’ve experienced (NRS levels vs grade levels, etc), and that this test won’t be intimidating because there is no pass or fail.

Students won’t have to enter the information they have already provided (name, birth date, contact info, etc).

This is exactly the information you will need to prepare a test ticket for students, so you can prepare ahead of time.

As soon as they click submit, they get a success message and automatically advance to a page reminding them of their appointment details.

Students will also receive a confirmation text, increasing their likelihood to follow through and show up for their appointment, without having to waste precious staff time on phone tag!

Please make your test appointment now.  You will receive a message via text or email to confirm your attendance for that test appointment.  

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