Welcome!  Congratulations on taking the first step into your future!  Completing this orientation portal will help you get to know our program better, and it allows us to get to know you.  
Follow these steps all the way to the last step in your orientation, which is to make an appointment with us.  
We can’t wait to meet you!  Click NEXT STEP to advance each step in your orientation.

Adult educators excel at connecting with our students.  We understand how vital it is to connect and engage with adult students from the beginning, because adults have so many factors that can also compete for their attention.  Family obligations, job schedules, fear of failure, and negative past school experiences are all factors that can prevent our adult students from committing to school, so connecting with students from the beginning can help to increase your retention rates.

  1. We provide for an introduction video from your staff, not a generic message.
  2. The data we collect helps us to reach out to those students who disappear, because ConnectAble software tracks student data from the moment they express interest, even if they don’t take another step forward on their own.  It allows us that connection that we don’t have if students walk through the doors and ask questions, call us but don’t leave a message, or are referred from a friend of a friend.
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