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We believe one of the most important factors in your adult education program is your connection with students.  This demo is designed to show you how we facilitate that connection from the moment a student expresses interest, giving you a glimpse of both the student experience and the power of the data that ConnectAble gleans along the way. You can walk in the student’s shoes, progressing from enrollment to employment, experiencing the critical steps for engagement along the way!

Student Orientation

From the moment a student expresses interest, you have an opportunity to engage with that student.  We understand that adult education students have unique needs and often require extra support to keep them progressing along the journey.  Our orientation and enrollment portal is designed to not only gather vital enrollment information, but also teach your prospective students about your programming and the options they have.  With this background information and paperwork out of the way, but the time you meet them, you can fully engage with students, leaving the paperwork behind.

Student Resources - Addressing Barriers

As adult educators, we are very resourceful in helping students to access the community resources around them.  ConnectAble captures that expertise and makes it accessible to ALL students.  It’s fully customizable to match up with your students’ barriers, and it includes local resources specific to each adult education region.

Career Training Scholarship Application

We all want to help as many students as possible, and through grant funding, we are fortunate to be able to provide career training and certification at no cost to them.  While it will come at no financial cost to the student, we do want them to understand the commitment involved in being awarded a seat in a fully funded career training program.  This application process helps students to see that, and it helps us to get to know more about that potential career training student. 

Work Experience and Employer Partners

When students  complete career training, we are not at the end of the journey yet.  We want to make sure that students are able to take the life-changing step of actually gaining employment in their field of career training.  By taking students through these steps, they become prime employment candidates.  Even more exciting is that local employers can partner with you to hire some of your best and brightest candidates, making the paradigm shift for employers to look to adult ed providers before they go anywhere else to hire employees.

Student Success Stories

We all can think of those student success stories that stand out to us so significantly, as an inspiration to educators and other students.  It’s why we do what we do.  But how many of those stories actually get to be shared?  Now more than ever it is critical that legislators and other funding stakeholders see the beautiful stories we see every day of how adult education improves the lives of our students. When students go through these steps, we are empowering them to be their own voice for advocacy.

Tracking Student Outcomes

Most likely, if you’ve been in adult education for any length of time, you can think of a student who has gone through the program and experienced success and a changed life.  Then, if you happen to see that student later, you are happy to see that they have gone on to go to postsecondary ed or get a great job after their experience with you for even more success.  But does your data team know about that win for the program?  The answer is most likely not.  Tracking student outcomes in a concise way, speaking the language of the student, ensures that they report those successes, even beyond their time with us.

Staff/Administrative Tools

ConnectAble helps to capture that follow-up  information for students more easily and with a much greater response rate.  Most students do most of their daily tasks using a phone, so we speak their language, with smart text messaging for follow up, making it quick and easy for both the adult ed program and the student.

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