You want to make a difference.
We want to help you do it!

Web Development & Marketing Services

We serve hundreds of businesses and nonprofits who are in need of website development and marketing services. We provide online solutions to make businesses more visible online and easier for the public to find and engage with, giving them the boost they need to find more clients and grow!

Educational Software & Resources

We help thousands of students in our adult education programs across the country through our educational services. Our goals is to make adult education accessible to adultes of all backgrounds, languages, and abilities through the technology tools and other educational resources we provide to our members.

It’s A Win-Win!

What’s really awesome about ConnectAble is that both our business clients and the schools we serve benefit, because the proceeds from the website and marketing side of ConnectAble goes directly back into the community, helping to supplement funding for schools and providing scholarships to adult education programs who are struggling financially. By doing so, everyone in the community benefits!

Our Mission...

is to make education accessible to adults of all backgrounds and abilities, helping them to enjoy better lives and leading to a healthier local economy for communities!

See a preview of the power of ConnectAble’s online tools!

Our Schools Make a Difference!

ConnectAble is proud to serve these amazing schools and employers who are making a difference in their communities!

We help adult education make a difference.
Students from schools across the nation say it best!

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