Student Engagement has changed!

Are you still reaching all the students in your community?

There are over 27 million adults in the United States who don't have a high school diploma.
Over 22 million US workers can be considered underemployed.

Adult Education programs across the US are ready to help, but sadly there are still people in the community who don’t know how to connect with their local programs.  With the power of online tools and the ConnectAble platform, adult ed programming can now reach the people who need it most. 

ConnectAble is a system that helps adult ed programs enroll, engage, and connect to students so that you can do the important work of serving them and giving them hope for a better future.

ConnectAble is Trusted by These Amazing Adult Education Programs...

A Powerful Enrollment Solution Designed Specifically for Adult Education Programs that Delivers Your Adult Ed Programming and is Surprisingly Simple to Use!

Give your program the tools it needs to grow…in today’s world and beyond.

Saves Time

Entering and re-entering
student data is now a thing
of the past.

Tailor Made

Uniquely designed to meet Adult Ed program needs, our solutions are easy to use and implement.

Protects Data

From state regulations to ADA and FERPA compliance, ConnectAble has you covered.

Delivers Support

Get implementation support and direction from Adult Ed policy

Improves Outcomes

Improve enrollment, engagement, measurable skills gains, and completion data for your program.

Hands Free

Enrolling is convenient and easy for both students and staff. ConnectAble does all the heavy lifting.

We Help You Deliver Every Aspect of Your Unique and Personalized Program!

Let’s face it.  The success of each individual Adult Ed program depends upon the student’s connection to your individual staff and program offerings.  ConnectAble provides a way for you to deliver that personalized service from your program because it connects students with your unique program offerings and staff; it doesn’t replace them.

Student watching online lesson
ConnectAble has realized my dream of finding a virtual world of adult education through a management system for all facets of our multi-level adult education programming. I found some unique products in the past, or I found excellent providers of the service, but never have I found a product and customer service combined like we have found here.
Pat Boles
Director, Ft. Wayne Adult Education

ConnectAble Works Because It...


Looks & Sounds Like you...

ConnectAble is a platform that reflects your program’s unique imagery, school branding, and logos.  Lessons reflect your program’s unique staff and content.


Converts into multiple languages

Videos, resources, forms, and all text are fully translatable into multiple languages, making ConnectAble user-friendly for English Language Learners.


Secures Your Most Important Student Data

Secure storage of student information and uploaded content ensures FERPA compliance and your program’s peace of mind.

The strong problem solving IT skills, paired with the knowledge of adult education requirements make a perfect combination to create solutions that are both effective and relevant for schools.
Christy McIntyre-Gray
Co-ordinator, Wayne Township Adult Education


Creates Your Unique Student Pathway

Our uncluttered user interface provides students with a clear, direct pathway to success – in the order you choose!


Works Well on Any Device

Format allows even students with minimal or no digital literacy to progress through the platform.  ConnectAble is easy to use on a computer, tablet, or phone!


Tracks Student Progress and Completion

Trackable data and time in ConnectAble makes program reporting easy and efficient.


Collects All the Necessary Information for Enrollment

Required completion of questions or uploads ensures that students provide the necessary materials to progress, without a risk of students missing important milestones or items.


Exports and Imports Easily for Sharing Among Users

Easily import or export courses and forms from other ConnectAble users, either inside or outside of your program, to give students more opportunities to grow and learn.

Our Process

We will guide you every step of the way to get ConnectAble
set up perfectly to meet your program’s needs.


Explore ConnectAble through a discovery session to envision the possibilities of the tools we can use to solve your program’s most pressing needs and reach your goals.  We will help guide you to the best solution for your program.


We build ConnectAble out exclusively for your program, based on your program’s unique branding, processes, and needs.  Staff members can try it out themselves as a student or admin once it is built to give final feedback.


Begin using ConnectAble for your students and your community, engaging them with your program offerings, from enrollment to life coaching to career training and beyond, whether remote or in person.  The possibilities are endless!

Relax and Let Us Handle the Support!

As always, one of the best features of using our online tools  is that we provide the staff training and ongoing technical support to make this system integrate with your processes and goals, making this system hands-off and user friendly, leaving you to do what you do best – serve students!

Even with Covid-19 affecting student status, we've seen a steady amount of students able to enroll due to having this electronic platform solution.
Angie Lymon
Ft. Wayne Adult Education

How is ConnectAble being used?

ConnectAble is a tool that you can use with so many aspects of your program, all with the same user-friendly platform!

We have shown a ten percent enrollment increase in our HSE enrollment and a higher percentage (around 15 percent) of HSE orientation students that enroll and actually show up to orientation.
Pat Boles
Director, Ft. Wayne Adult Education
The controlled, organized, and automated process allows us to capture the most students for our programming, seating all of our classes to full capacity! The 24-hour access to our programming has allowed students to progress on their own time, making us much more relevant to their lives!
Christy McIntyre-Gray
Co-ordinator, Wayne Township Adult Education


Enroll students more efficiently than ever, whether they are remote or in person! Students will be more knowledgeable about your program and practices before they ever start class.


Qualify your career training students better than ever using ConnectAble to apply for their scholarship funding. The step by step process takes students through all the funding requirements.


Serve students more efficiently as they select common barriers that your staff can help them solve. Staff members are alerted in real time to student needs and can address them right away.


Students want to share their stories, and ConnectAble gives them a familiar, easy-to-use platform to do just that. Students can share text, pictures, or video to tell the story while simultaneously satisfying your program goals of sharing student success.


Students can enroll in the specialized fast track, review, or boot camp courses your program offers through the ConnectAble platform. Individual teachers can have their own unique dedicated courses in one easy-to-find place for students.


Sharing is the cornerstone of education. We all have the same goals, just serving different students. The ConnectAble platform promotes sharing by making courses easy to export to different staff members or even different programs.


Onboarding teachers can be overwhelming due to the fact that adult education operates so differently from the k-12 school system. ConnectAble can be used to show new teachers the policy and practices of your program with real life examples not a cumbersome handbook. Just give them a ConnectAble account and they are set!

With the changing landscape of adult education, professional development is something that is a constant need for your staff. Deliver professional development better than ever by using the ConnectAble platform. It’s engaging, can be done anywhere, and it is trackable!


Are you ready to take your program to the next level?

Adult Education Enrollment & eLearning Platform

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