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ConnectAble is a nonprofit organization that was founded when a small team of educators who were passionate about the mission of adult education joined forces with a team of technology experts who wanted to help. Together they formed ConnectAble, which has now, just four years later, grown to a large team of educators and tech experts, helping adult education organizations across the country!

It is the mission of ConnectAble to make education accessible to all adult students, allowing them to live more fulfilled lives, while giving educators the gift of more time with those students.

The technology and other tools and resources that come with a ConnectAble membership were specifically created for adult education, and we have helped programs across the nation to find and connect with more students, boosting enrollment and retention. Because our technology was built specifically with the adult student in mind, it is fully translatable and easy to use for students of all abilities and languages.

Programs that use ConnectAble also see improved performance metrics as they keep students engaged, all the way from enrollment to employment. Educators have immediate and easy access to the student data they need, giving educators back the valuable time they need to work with students and not spend their time chasing a paperwork trail.

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Because we were founded by adult educators with years of experience, we have walked in your shoes, and we understand your needs.

While we do offer top-notch technology to help with your common adult ed tasks, the benefits of your ConnectAble membership don’t stop there!

Members also have access to a whole suite of other resources to help you, including curriculum-writing and workforce support, large and small group professional development, marketing materials from our print shop, consulting services, and more, all provided by team members with years of experience in the field. ConnectAble members have an entire team of people available to them at flexible times for support.

Because ConnectAble also has an arm that serves the business sector, we are in a unique position to share the mission of adult education with your local employers who want to support your program, leading to funding donations and/or strategic partnerships.

Getting employers involved has helped our members to have better-funded, thriving adult education programs, as well as a healthier local economy. Let us help you connect!


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